Basics of contextual advertising

contextual advertising

There is such a thing as contextual advertising, it is a universal helper for beginners to create their own business, and for those who have long existed in the market of goods and services, but many do not know what this advertising is, in this article, we will consider what is contextual advertising and its basis.

Placement of contextual advertising has a certain place, it is accepted to place it where it is relevant and will cause the greatest interest.

If you go to the site dedicated to children’s toys, then vodka advertising, there will not be. Thanks to a special algorithm, on the advertising territory, only those ads that correspond to the site appear.

Step-by-step instruction – How to place contextual advertising

1) Log in as an advertiser in Google Adwords.

2) Write a competent advertisement.

3) In the system, replenish your balance.

4) Decide on the duration of the ad impressions, its number and place.

5) Run the ad.

6) Analyze the results.

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How to create an ad for contextual advertising

1) Correctly select the keywords that will be placed in the ad. Words that are called key words are the most frequent set of words by the average buyer in search engines. For example, you have an online store. In this case, the key phrase or by combination of keywords, the buyer will see your ad. Choose the key phrases and keywords, as accurately as possible, the effectiveness of your promotion depends on this. It will be better if there are several ads, so you can analyze which one is the most effective. The keywords must be placed in the header and in the main text of the ad.

2) When writing your ad, avoid frequently used words. Much better, use the rare words and phrases that are requested in the search.

3) When writing ads, use the words – minus in order to minimize non-target traffic.

4) Do not need one ad, include all available keywords, it’s best to create several specific lines of products.

5) Your ad should have the most important goal – to sell. Do not forget about this when writing. The ad should contain a call to action: “Find out more”, “Order now”.

We looked at contextual advertising and its foundations, in conclusion we want to give you advice, do not use an unreachable site, in this case your ad will not be effective, so start by selecting a site and then launch contextual advertising.