How to open your online store?

open your online store

In the twenty-first century only the lazy do not use the Internet, and it is the online store that is today the main engine of trade …

Opening an online point means that you already have a registered legal entity or IP, and other necessary documents.

Be sure to note the main items of expenses and write at least a primitive business plan and stick to it.

Create a website: take it yourself or use the services of an experienced programmer?

Advertising: The most effective is the promotion of your online store through the most popular search engines, such as Google and others. On any of these sites, you can calculate the approximate cost of advertising services per month. Immediately count on the fact that the more accurately you form search phrases in queries – the more effective the advertisement. The more popular the phrase – the more expensive it will be advertising.

The operator / sales manager: If you are ready to answer phone calls from customers and advise on your product – you will save, but it’s unlikely that you will be able to postpone all your daily business. Therefore, take into account the wages of your subordinates, most likely, there will be two of them, for shift work.

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Storage room: Its need depends on the goods and their dimensions, which you decide to sell. But if you still need it – think about the exact location, the cost of renting, security against fires, flooding and break-ins (is there any need for insurance?)

Delivery / Pickup: In large cities, most customers use delivery to home or work, in small settlements people find it more convenient to pick up their own goods.

Cash register: It is necessary. And we recommend to think about buying a bank terminal for payment with plastic cards. If you make out a loan – contact the same bank – you may be given a loan at a lower interest.

Discount program: Discount cards, or gifts for “Bring a friend.”

Moving stock of production: To begin with, the minimum amount of the entire assortment, later – to increase the most running positions and get rid of the “dead”.

Accounting and tax reporting: The best way is to order the provision of accounting services by qualified specialists.

Do not be afraid to experiment – and everything will come out for sure!