Optimization website correctly!

Website optimization is definitely a necessary thing, but there are nuances that you need to know about before you start taking some steps in this important direction for any resource.

For those who are constantly working in the field of website promotion, such details are obvious. But the newcomer, who first decided to independently optimize the site, really has something to ponder about. And first of all they would like to tell about mistakes, which should be avoided whenever possible.

Correct optimization of website pages. Get rid of navigation through scripts, frames, redirects. It is not desirable to use graphic headings and menus. Use unique page addresses. Close blank and duplicate pages in the robots.txt file. Proper page optimization will speed up the indexing of the site by search engines. The number of “keys” on the page.

“Keys” – in the jargon of SEO optimization, these are key phrases, in other words – search queries, with which you can find in the search engines those or other materials of interest. Many users believe that the more key phrases will be used, the more efficient the site resources will be used by search robots. Therefore, some optimizers, without thinking about the consequences, or the appearance of the text, score 30 (!) “Keys” per page. And such sites can indeed be found. Nothing but harm such “optimization” does not bring. First, the readability of the text falls.

Secondly, the overabundance of key phrases raises suspicion in search robots. In order to avoid this, it is important to know how to properly locate the “keys”. Of course, they should be in the text (but in moderation, 1-2 will be enough), it is advisable to use them in the title of the page (article). It would also be nice if the search query you were looking for were found in the domain name of the page, but to achieve this because of the different wording of the queries is more difficult.

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Optimization of headings. Surely you are aware that the “weight” of plain text and title differs when the page is processed by search engines. Some optimizers, they think, go to “cunning.” They try through CSS, or directly through the code to highlight the necessary phrase, which in this case is regarded as a normal heading. But the problem is that such details are now discerned by search robots, and at best they simply will not consider such “keys”, and at worst – the filter is waiting. Spelling mistakes. Most recently, the use of the Keywords meta tag has been of great importance in optimizing the site.

Today, thanks to the constant development of the Internet, this is not so important. Search engine robots learned to practically not pay attention to the words in this tag. In order to circumvent this, resource owners use deliberately erroneous spelling. This is calculated in case the user makes an error when specifying the request. But this also does not lead to anything good. As mentioned above, “keys” are desirable to use in the headers, but if the “key” there is indicated with an error, then its subsequent duplication should also be made with an error, which leads to cluttering the site.

So it’s better to check in advance the spelling of the text that you will post on the site. In addition, many modern systems automatically fix the detected errors, or offer a more correct option. Counters, ratings and so on. The presence of this kind of “information” not only leads to the fact that the site becomes not very convenient for viewing, but also to more tangible shortcomings. The thing is, that any counter is an external reference. The surplus of such links leads to the fact that for any search engines your new site loses its attractiveness.

Especially if you do not use tags that prohibit the indexing of these sections of the page code. Also it should be said that the presence of any control script, whether it’s a counter or a rating, significantly increases the load on the server, and if you used any CMS (Joomla, Drupal, etc.) loss of data. Sharp increase in the reference mass. In principle, there are no special explanations here.

With the correct optimization and promotion of the site, you should not dramatically increase the number of links to the site after long downtime, just as immediately after the creation, since in addition to harm it will not bring anything. Despite all of the above, There are many ways that you can relatively quickly bring the top positions to your site. But they all require skills in SEO and money investments.