Promotion of a website with articles

Promotion with articles

Promotion of the site with articles is the necessary tool, knowledge of which is required for each SEO. This type of site promotion serves several purposes at once: attracting the target audience, increasing the site’s traffic, increasing the site’s position in the search engines.

What we know about the promotion of articles.  There is an erroneous opinion that it is enough just to generate a more or less decent article and place it on third-party resources. This statement can be considered only partly true, because the promotion of the site with articles is much more complicated.

Already a few years ago, optimizer realized that search engines are much more likely to evaluate links surrounded by high-quality text, which should be the correct article. By the way, there is no specific algorithm for website promotion in search engines with articles and to this day, therefore, the methods of different specialists may differ.

In general, the promotion of articles can be reduced to several points:

Writing a quality unique text.

Placement of the article on its own resource, at the same time, a competent title of the page and keywords should be prescribed.

Waiting for indexing in search engines.

Publishing an article on stock exchanges and thematic sites.

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How it all works

In addition to additional traffic due to the key phrases written in the article, you can use links. Links can be either yours, leading on certain requests to the pages of the site, and paid for.

The main plus of the promotion articles – the links placed in them, are regarded by robots as “natural”, and therefore no sanctions are not threatening you. In addition, such links will have much more weight, and your site will necessarily increase its position.

Today, there are many exchangers and catalogs, and you can also exchange articles with thematic resources . All these simple manipulations will lead to the fact that in addition to high-quality unique content, your resource receives additional referrals. Particularly worth noting is the uniqueness of the content. Sometimes, optimizers are lazy and generate hard-to-read texts with the help of programs.

We will not make such a mistake, because the promotion of a site in search engines by articles implies the delivery of useful information to the user, and not only its own benefit. To make your article really want to share visitors to the resource, it should be of value and interest to them. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the content at the very beginning, because reproduced and uninformative texts with a small degree of probability will be able to attract someone’s attention.