What should be the content for the website?


It’s no secret how important the search engines are for the quality of the indexed website.

Especially scrupulous is to approach the issue of quality when it comes to content and links. Their creation should in no case turn into a monotonous, depressing process. How can this be avoided? Do not approach this issue is limited! Try to look at the exciting problem from the outside, creatively approach the filling of your site.

In doing so, you should remember the following …

You are limited by the limits that you set for yourself. Look at your own site through the eyes of an outside observer.

The content of the site should be written for potential customers and buyers, but not for you! The content of the site should not be written for search engines; search engines are not your target audience.

It is necessary to keep in mind the full picture of the site. Once created site must constantly change, the process of stagnation for sites is unacceptable.

What can include quality content for the target audience?

Calendar of events: This is an ideal option for sites dedicated to real estate, online stores, etc.

Maps: Suitable for real estate sites, hotels, sites dedicated to hunting, fishing. The content is added at the bottom and contains a description of the map, its purpose.

Before / after the acquisition of experience: Such content content is necessary for sites offering various products and services. Visitors to these sites will be able to share their own experiences and tell you how a particular product or service works. Such an exchange of experience can be presented in the form of small articles.

Photos of your customers: Take a special place on the site, where you will find photos of your happy customers.

Color pages: Include the imagination. Especially this advice is useful to the tourist sites, where colorfulness plays far from the last role. However, too zealous is not recommended. Creative is especially useful on the eve of holidays, when the site should also look festive and effective.

Blogs and forums: Fresh content on the site is almost guaranteed if there are blogs and forums.

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Specialized articles for the target audience: They should be written with a frequency of at least once or twice a week.

On the main page of the site there should be comments of the expert. An expert with a predetermined periodicity should answer the most popular questions of the audience.

Review of the proposed products: If you offer products or software, be prepared to write reviews. You can publish reviews not only on your own website, but also in various online publishers. Readers are interested in objective and truthful reviews, where the author, along with positive points, points out the negative.

Small tips: If your product or service implies some help or advice, be sure to post this information on your website.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). FAQ is the type of content in which the target audience is really interested. When you receive questions from readers, please provide answers to the experts.

Additional instructions: Let’s say you sell flushing cisterns. It will be great to place instructions for installing your products in the toilets. For the target audience, this is sure to be useful. Let it look a little funny, but in such instructions even you should add glamour!

The content, which in practice will help to solve a certain problem . If your site allows users to solve their problems, you will ensure a constant and steady traffic. Suppose you sell oriental rugs. Your potential buyer is certainly interested in the exclusive design of the office. Let’s say the office is very small, most of the space is occupied by windows and bookcases. On the site you create a series of content that visually demonstrates the resolution of this problem, thanks to the oriental rugs that you are positioning. Content in addition to images should contain a description of the problem, as well as options for its resolution.

Historical information: Imagine that you are selling steel pipes. What is the history of the appearance and creation of your products? Absolutely right decision will be to create a page describing this story. Do not forget that you are working for a target audience, which, of course, will interest the information you offer. Each time, placing any material, be guided by the preferences of the target audience. However, the addition of historical information is not always justified. Agree that the site, dedicated, for example, wedding dresses, does not need this kind of information.

Interview: This is the easiest way to create unique content. Take interviews with experts, try not to change the wording of the source (except for correcting grammatical and spelling errors). It’s a good idea to write a whole series of interviews and post them on the main page of the site.

Seasonal articles: Is your sphere of activity to some extent “seasonal”? If so, then the <seasonal> articles will certainly be relevant.

Statistics: Placing statistics on your site is another way to add content. If you do not represent your own statistics, always refer to the source. Cite the source. This approach is acceptable for sites dedicated to real estate related to financial structures.

Column of advice: This approach will be in demand for dating sites, however, for a website dedicated to search engine optimization, this strategy is also not alien.

Winners of the month: The simplest example: your site is dedicated to selling flowers. Organize the competition. Let your customers send photos with the compositions that they made from your flowers. Choose the winner, place the photo, made by the winner, on the main page of the site. This method is applicable to various areas of business.

Creation of video clips: Videos should be practical in nature. Think about what practical material will be most useful and useful for users of the site?

The story on the site is about how your visitors have been successful thanks to you.

Weekly newsletter with your suggestions, suggestions from visitors, fresh information from the site. It is necessary to encourage readers to share ideas and ideas on the blog.

The biography of a well-known person who is relevant to your industry.

News, covering the recent events that have occurred in your field of activity.

Creating a blog, which would discuss the thematic issues.

Applying the above tips to your site, you will certainly improve the quality of content. The site will be perceived as a reliable source of information, which is regularly updated.